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TIKTIK The Aswang Chronicles - You Don't Wanna Miss This World-Class Pinoy Movie

Written By Nikki Mendz on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 6:32 AM

TIKTIK The Aswang Chronicles is not your typical Pinoy horror movie. Just watch this trailer and you will know what I mean.

DIRECTOR: Erik Matti

WRITER: Erik Matti

PRODUCERS: GMA Films, Reality Entertainment, Agostodos


*** Meet and Greet the cast of TIKTIK The Aswang Chronicles at the following Theater Tour Schedules:
October 17, Wednesday
  • 3:00 PM - Glorietta 4 Cinemas
  • 7:00 PM - Trinoma Cinemas
UPDATE: First day Box Office Gross Sales: 10.8 Million Pesos  
 Box Office Gross Sales as of October 21 2012: 25.94 million Pesos  
TIKTIK The Aswang Chronicles is history in the making.  It's the first time in the Philippine filmmaking history that a movie is shot entirely in green screen. Green screen technology (or chroma key compositing, or chroma keying) is a special effects / post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). - Source: Wikipedia. Suffice it to say that we have leveled up, thanks to the efforts and commitment of the director (Erik Matti) and the producers (Dondon Monteverde, Dingdong Dantes and GMA Films) of the film.
Because of his desire to make the movie look as artistically directed and beautiful as possible, Director Erik Matti had a studio built in a 2000 square-meter warehouse consisting of 5 major sets where everything is done, instead of shooting in different locations. It is said that every aspect of the art direction was done with utmost care and dedication.

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PLOT/SYNOPSIS (Source: Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles website)
With dark shades on and a burning cigarette between his lips, Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) will do whatever it takes to get back his girlfriend Sonia (Lovi Poe), who's pregnant with their child. He makes the trip to remote Pulupandan, her hometown, and is quickly rebuffed by Sonia's mother Fely (Janice de Belen). But Makoy has never been one to give up. With the help of Sonia's father Nestor (Joey Marquez) and his ever-dependable helper Bart (Ramon Bautista), Makoy stays in town to surprise Sonia on her birthday. But alas, Makoy gets into trouble with a group of townsfolk who transform into tiktik—horrific, man-eating creatures with a taste for fetuses that are still in the womb! They are angry, and they are hungry for revenge. Will their thirst for blood and retribution be quenched? Will Makoy finally get his act together, protect Sonia and their baby, and once and for all prove himself worthy of their love? Who will win in the battle between men and monsters?


Dingdong Dantes as Makoy
Makoy is a young man brimming with self-confidence. He is rude when provoked, especially when he doesn’t get what he wants. He doesn’t care whom he talks to—Sonia, Fely, the village captain—he will always speak his mind. Sonia breaks up with him because of his womanizing and unabashed laziness to find a more decent job, and he is also hesitant to marry her. His impatience and arrogance will lead him to trouble with a group of townsfolk, who turn out to be a kindred of nomadic and formidable aswangs. With the lives of Sonia and her family in danger, Makoy will do everything to protect them, especially now that he’s expecting to raise a child someday.
Species: Certified Tao!

Lovi Poe as Sonia
Sonia has been groomed to get the finer things in life by her mother and father. She is exceptionally beautiful, and she is the only one in town who finished college. Dreaming of a better future, she tried her luck in the city. She met Makoy, fell in love, and realized she made a wrong decision. She is pregnant with their child, and fortunately her family still loves her enough to welcome her back. Furious with Makoy’s lack of responsibility, she slaps Makoy with her plan: she is going to raise their child alone, and in order to provide for its needs, she will return to teaching. Upon Makoy’s arrival, her mind is focused only on the welfare of her baby. But with a bunch of aswangs hounding her, she will fight for her child’s life even if it means losing her own.
Species: Certified Tao!

Joey Marquez as Nestor
Mang Nestor is a picture of an understanding and diplomatic father. Whereas his wife fervently drives Makoy away, he reaches out to Makoy and assures him that everything will be better. He looks at the positive side of things, knowing that any problem can be solved when people are calm and respectful. This gives the impression that he is under his wife’s rule, following her orders as much as he can to avoid quarrels. Mang Nestor doesn’t want any trouble, so when Makoy finds himself in a squabble with a group of townsfolk, he does his best to negotiate. But when the safety of his family soon becomes threatened, he turns into a father of great strength, shielding them from harm until the very end.
Species: Certified Tao!

Janice de Belen as Fely
Aling Fely is an overprotective mother whose main concern is the well-being of her daughter. She believes that Makoy only took advantage of Sonia and won’t do her any good, so she won’t let that happen again. She’s the type of matriarch who will nag all she wants until she drives her point across—and she is often successful with it. She is a strong woman, but one with a soft heart for her loved ones.
Species: Certified Tao!

Ramon Bautista as Bart
Bart is the enigma at the beginning of the story. He is the ever-reliable helper of Mang Nestor, running errands for him and assisting him in preparing for Sonia’s birthday celebration. With his dark past, will Bart’s loyalty stay with the aswangs or with the humans?
Species: Certified Tado! Este, Tao.

Roi Vinzon as Tatang
Tatang is the leader of the aswangs and he comes to the rescue when things go wrong for his kin. A commanding presence, he never wastes time in making important decisions. He is responsible for the death of Bart’s father, ensuring that betrayal, in accordance with his rules, is paid for by one’s own life. In the battle between two families, Tatang becomes Makoy and Nestor’s toughest adversary, putting up a bloody fight like no other villain can.
Species: Certified Tiktik!

Mike Gayoso as Ringo
Ringo is Bart’s cousin and the ill-tempered head of the aswangs that take residence in the town. He is set on keeping a low-profile for his family as much as possible, so whenever he smells trouble, he reproaches his children immediately. Despite being a strong disciplinary figure, Ringo fears Tatang and follows any of his orders.
Species: Certified Tiktik!

LJ Reyes as Hilda
The only female member of Ringo’s family, Hilda is nothing but fierce and aggressive. She is determined to avenge her murdered brother, and by doing so, she puts her life in danger.
Species: Certified Tiktik!

Rina Reyes as Pacing
Aling Pacing is the good-natured neighbor who provides shelter to Mang Nestor’s family in the time of utmost need. Aside from helping Sonia deliver her baby, she supplies them with weapons against the aswangs. Her salt farm couldn’t have been anything but handy: it is the spot where the crawling creatures will think twice before entering, and where the gruesome showdown between the two families takes place.
Species: Certified Tao!

RJ Salvador as Kulot
Naughty and full of fun, Kulot and his cousin raise the ire of Makoy upon his visit to their place. After being reprimanded by his father, he devises a plan to strike back—heedless of the serious consequences.
Species: Certified Tiktik!

Jeff Fernandez as Kulas
Kulas is Ringo's loyal right-hand man. Although he runs slower than the other aswangs, he gains speed by leaping swiftly from tree to tree, from one person to another. Strong and determined to defend his family, Kulas proves that it's really an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Species: Certified Tiktik!

Montito Almario as Cedric
Cedric is Kulot's brother. He may be plump and heavy, but when it's time to fight, he's as ferocious as everyone else.
Species: Certified Tiktik!


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