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Walang Hanggan October 26 2012 - The Phenomenal Finale

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, October 26, 2012 | 9:15 PM

Walang Hanggan Final Episode 

Countdown: 0 NIGHT TO GO!!!

It's Walang Hanggan October 26 2012! It's the saddest part of everything ... the ending ... the finale. Please scroll down for the highlights and more photos of the Final Episode of the most unforgettable Pinoy teleserye of all time.

As promised, we were able to blog about the last 5 episodes of our favorite Kapamilya teleserye until the very last - The Phenomenal Finale.  Just click on the links below to go to the corresponding episode for highlights, details and photos plus link to Iwantv and TFC videos to watch them online.
At the hospital, Daniel (Coco Martin) survives surgery but a bullet pierced through the lungs of Katerina (Julia Montes) which makes her condition even more serious. Daniel soon regains consciousness and learns about what happened to Katerina. He forces himself to get up to be by his wife's side. Tomas (Joem Bascon) calls Perla (Arlene Muhlach) to ask about Katerina and receives the bad news.

In an unexpected turn of events, Katerina succumbs to death. This is unbelievable! I have watched the wake scene, the scene where Johanna (Melissa Ricks) tells Nathan (Paulo Avelino) about Katerina's death and now, accompanied by Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Daniel is sitting by the grave of Katerina ... and I still can't believe that she's gone. At the back of my mind, I'm still thinking that Daniel is just having a nightmare.

Meanwhile, Margaret (Helen Gamboa) is released from prison, with the death of Miguel Ramos (Noni Buencamino.) Tomas, full of guilt and anger blames his sister's death on Daniel. He goes to the cemetery with a gun in his hand and finds Daniel there. The next thing we see is maybe what should really happen. Maybe Daniel has really provoked Tomas so he can shoot him and Daniel will be with Katerina ... in the next life.

Goodbye, Daniel ... goodbye, Katerina ... Paalam Walang Hanggan!


Nathan gets well. Emily and Marco now have a new son who they also named Daniel. They have new neighbors and the couple's daughter is named Katherine. What an ending

Watch the video of Walang Hanggan's Ending:

You may watch the full video of Walang Hanggan October 26 2012 online at the following sites:
  • Iwantv (Philippine residents) - click HERE. (You will have to login or register first at iwantv.com.ph before you will be able to watch the video.)
  • TFC.tv (Viewers abroad) - click HERE. (You will have to login or subscribe first at tfc.tv before you will be able to watch the full video, whenever the latest episode is already available.)


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  1. i dont like the ending,we watched all episodes but then thats what happened at the end?televiewers felt so bad the story.must think obout it,if no televiewers theres nothing...

  2. All the teleserye must have a good ending. This is such a bizzare one. All the wasted time and money and this is the end result? Wasted time because since day 1 we will record this soap while we are excited to go home to watch. Wasted money, you wasted all that money for the wedding and there is no happy ending....whoever is the director of any teleserye that we watched every ending is tragic. Are their brains focused on tragedy alone? why not a happy ending? Lorenzo's time is a happy ending....I like that one...salute to the director of that teleserye. Next time, please no tragic end...

  3. i love the ending! it wasn't a waste at all because they still had a happy ending.

  4. omg! ang ganda ng ending! let's all try to remember that not everyone gets a happy ending in real life! And it depends how you see a happy ending..for katerina and daniel they got a happy ending because they end up together in peace :D

  5. it's a different kind of ending from the usual ending that we usually see from other teleseryes. it's not the typical ending but it's something different. i like that everything comes to an end with forgiveness and a new beginning. everybody have forgiven everybody and they have faced reality that somebody has to die but the memories remain. the good memories remain. a tragic end perhaps but they showed that they have accepted the loos and welcomed a new love story. it shows that the love story that daniel and katherina had will always remain in the hearts of their loved ones and in our hearts forever. i dont think the ending is bizzare. i think that in every story their is an ending no matter what the consequences are, it may be happy, it may be traggic - but this is the same tteleserye that we loved, adored, and followed over those times that they were on air. everything is perception, some people does not like the ending/final episode some people do some people love it. I like it and i will watch it again and again. i think it just justified the title and the writers perception of what is the best final episode and the director has given a new meaning to a phenomenal final episode.. congratulations!!!!!

  6. This teleserye is based on a movie 'hihintayin kita sa langit' top-billed by Rixhard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

    In that movie, Dawn Zulueta Killed herself and Richard Gomez was killed also.

    In the end, the met in heaven.

    This teleserye just remain true to where it was taken.

  7. I think the ending is phonomenal! The director is a genius because he lived up to the theme of the teleserye. Weeks leading to the finale, Daniel and Katerina wished they both in heaven so can live happily ever after. This scene was a foreshadow to what to expect in the finale. This teleserye was well executed. The ending was no different from any other teleseryes...Walang Hanggan just has more dephts but still a happy ending.

  8. I seriously did not like the trageac end but i thought the director was aiming at doing some thing different from the other Philippine films.but on the other hand it was good bcs the got what they wished for which was to be happy in heaven.
    adios coco martin.
    i wld like to watch more of your films bcs seriously i was watching this series just to keep seeing u

  9. Hmmmm!!! I don't really like the ending# I need a happy ending and not a tragic one.





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