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A Moment In Time Movie Starring Coco Martin & Julia Montes Showing on February 13 2013

Written By Nikki Mendz on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | 7:30 AM

A Moment In Time is the title of the movie of Coco Martin and Julia Montes for 2013. It is showing on February 13 2013, as a Valentine offering of Star Cinema. It can be recalled that Coco, himself requested that he and Julia do a movie together, as a follow-up to Walang Hanggan. Why wouldn't Star Cinema grant that request? We all know that Coco and Julia's love team was a big, big hit, proven by the success of the said teleserye.



Jillian Linden (Julia Montes) comes from a wealthy family, and being an only child, her parents (Cherie Gil and Gabby Concepcion) are naturally over-protective of her. She falls in love with Patrick (Coco Martin), a simple guy who struggles to make both ends meet. A talk with Jillian's mom makes Patrick realize the huge difference between their status in life. He makes the biggest mistake of his life by losing the beautiful love that he and Jillian have for each other when he decides to give it up. Unable to cope up with the loss, he now seeks to fight for his love and win her back. In the hope of having a "second chance," Patrick follows Jillian to Amsterdam, where she is finishing her studies. There, the two try to overcome hurdles to rekindle their relationship.

  • Coco Martin as Patrick Javier
  • Julia Montes as Jillian Linden
  • Cherie Gil as Jillian's Mom
  • Gabby Concepcion as Jillian's Dad
  • Joj and Jai Agpangan as Jillian's friends
  • Ella Cruz
A Moment In Time Movie Starring Coco Martin & Julia Montes Showing In February 13 2013

A Moment In Time was partly shot in Amsterdam, where Coco and Julia had a show during their "Europe Tour 2012 with Coco Martin and Julia Montes" last November, 2012.

A Moment In Time is directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo.

Notable Quotes/Lines:

... ikaw lang ang nagpapasaya sa kanya, but I think, ikaw rin ang pwedeng makasakit sa kanya ng sobra-sobra - Jillian's mom (Cherie Gil)

... ako, sigurado ako ... sigurado akong mahal na mahal ko siya - Jillian (Julia Montes)

Ganon ba talaga yun? Na kapag nasaktan ka, may karapatan ka nang manakit ng iba? - Jillian (Julia Montes)

... naka-move-on na ko ... nice to see you ... and I hope, it will be the last. - Jillian (Julia Montes)

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Last update: January 11 2013


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