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Juan dela Cruz


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  • Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz - The next Tagabantay tasked to protect the people from the Aswangs using the Bakal na Krus. As a Tagabantay, he must weild the weapons from the cross: A bow, whip, spear and sword. But he is also the son of the Haring Aswang and prophesied as the Anak ng Dilim, destined to rule over the enemies he has to fight.
  • Erich Gonzales as Rosario Galang - A flower vendor who manages the family’s flowershop in Dangwa. Juan helped her when they were young . She discovers she is adopted as a baby, unsuspecting of a mysterious past.
  • Albert Martinez as Samuel Alejandro, Juan’s father - The Haring Aswang. He has integrated himself to human society and now owns the country’s most important businesses. This is part of Samuel’s plan to reduce the people to what they really are for the Aswangs—food to nourish them. But there is one secret he has been hiding all these years, that of unwittingly falling in love with a human in the past—the Tagabantay Amelia.
  • Zsazsa Padilla as Laura Alejandro - The Queen Aswang. She is mother to the King Aswang’s succesor Kael, who is also the prophesied Anak ng Dilim. Laura is very protective of her son and her family and will destroy anyone who will stand on their way.
  • Arron Villaflor as Kael Reyes, The son of Samuel and Laura - He was brought up believing that he is the prophesied “Anak ng Dilim” who would rule over the Aswangs and fulfill the ruin of the human race. Overzealous and proud, he tries to win his father’s approval.
  • Gina Pareno as Lola Belen - Father Cito’s younger sister. She is a fortune teller in one of the vending stalls infront of the Quiapo Church. Belen is a loving surrogate parent to Juan and his friends Asiong and Pikoy.
  • Joel Torre as Pepe - The leader of the Kapatiran, an Aswang fighting group. He is knowledgable on the origins of the Tagabantays and the Bakal na Krus. He trains Juan to fulfill his calling as Tagabantay.
  • Lotlot de Leon as Cora Galang - Rosario’s loving and understanding mother. She acts as Rosario’s confidant who gives her daughter advise and comfort.
  • William Lorenzo as Ben Galang - Rosario’s father. A typical family man who is protective of his youngest daughter. Ben doesn't want to see Rosario going out with Juan because of his bad reputation.
  • Neil Coleta as Asiong - Juan’s bestfriend and sidekick. Juan rescued him when they were kids from a group of boy-thugs and since then helped in Juan’s adventures and misadventures.
  • Louise Abuel as Pikoy - A young boy Juan rescued from a crime syndicate. Mature and street-smart. He is instrumental to Juan’s finding of the Bakal na Krus.
  • John Medina as Agustin - Pepe’s right hand man in the Kapatiran. He acts as spy and informant. He doubts Juan’s capability to be the next Tagabantay.
  • MC as Queenie - Laura’s gay fashion stylist. An aswang with a laughing sickness. He can’t help but turn into an aswang after a fit of uncontrollable laughter.
  • Mylene Dizon as Amelia - Juan’s mother he never knew. A Tagabantay whose weakness is her heart. She fell in love with Samuel and dies giving birth to Juan.
  • Jaime Fabregas as Father Cito - A kindhearted and strict parish priest of San Juan Bautista. He took care of Juan when Amelia died. Fr. Cito fulfilled his promise to bring up Juan with faith in God. He is Juan’s moral compass while growing up.
  • James Blanco as Emil - Laura’s stubborn younger brother; uncle to Kael and Juan. Emil doesn’t believe in Samuel’s leadership because he sees him as weak. He is the first one to discover that Juan is keeping the Bakal na Krus and thus, the Tagabantay.
  • Izzy Canillo as Batang Juan dela Cruz - Ang batang Juan dela Cruz.
Juan dela Cruz premieres on February 4 2013 on Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida, after TV Patrol.

Acknowledgement: All character descriptions are courtesy of abs-cbn.com/Juan_Dela_Cruz.


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