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Princess and I Last Episode February 1 2013 | The Royal Ending

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, February 1, 2013 | 5:30 AM

The final episode of Princess And I, tagged as "The Royal Ending" airs on February 1 2013. By then, we will know who Mikay ends up with ... who is the "I" in the title ... if it is a Jao-Mikay ending or a Mikay-Gino ending. Or .... if the finale will be done "a la Walang Hanggan" where the main characters (Daniel and Katerina) both die (huwag naman sana), then Mikay does not have to choose.

Behati is determined to have Areeyah killed, so ... if she succeeds, wouldn't that be a good escape for the "writers" so that neither Jao nor Gino does not have to appear as the loser of this teleserye? Ha ha, this wild imagination is going too far ... but, who knows! Anything can happen between now and the last episode of Princess and I.  
(written a week before the finale)

LAST UPDATE: (posted after the Final Episode:)
  • JAO is the "I" in Princess and I but he became a monk. He is the "I" because he is the one narrating the story about how the princess taught him to love. He survived the shot of Behati.
  • It's a Mikay-Gino ending and they are set to get married in two years.
  • Ashi Behati is locked up in jail and is now mentally deranged.
Princess and I Last Episode February 1 2013 | The Royal Ending
So, this is the Royal Ending.
It appeared that Gino got shot, he fell lying down on Jao and pinning him to the floor,
but it was actually Jao who got hit by the shot fired by his own mother .
Screengrab from Princess & I Final Episode courtesy of AbsCbnOnline

UPDATE: (posted the night before the ROYAL ENDING)

I thought it was just a wild imagination. Gosh, the writers do have a VERY wild imagination. Now, it looks like either Jao or Gino or both of them will get killed. Or maybe even Areeyah too.

This is getting to be funnier and funnier. Nagpapatawa ba sila? Why waste a potentially good teleserye? If they hadn't destroyed the wonderful love story of Jao and Mikay, there shouldn't have been a problem. Now, they have made the princess look like someone who can just easily change partners. Huh! Princesses should have a strong character. Whatever happened to ... "and they lived happily ever after?" Tsk ... sayang na palabas :(

Anyways, it's not yet over. Let's see what hocus pocus they did to redeem this show. There are still a lot of loopholes to fix. Jao still needs justice for everything that happened to him and Behati still needs to pay for all her wrongdoings. Will these be all resolved in one night?

You may watch the full video of Princess and I The Royal Ending online at the following sites:
  • Iwantv (Philippine residents) - click HERE. (You will have to login or register first at iwantv.com.ph before you will be able to watch the video.)
  • TFC.tv (Viewers abroad) - click HERE. (You will have to login or subscribe first at tfc.tv before you will be able to watch the full video, whenever the latest episode is already available.)


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  2. Title: Breathe Again
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