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Seduction Pinoy Movie Starring Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Solenn Heusaff Showing January 30 2013

Written By Sally Miles on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 1:40 PM

Seduction might just be a hit. That's because of one its lead stars, Sarah Lahbati, recently became very controversial due to her rift with GMA 7. She is now in Switzerland and is unable to promote the movie with her co-stars Richard Gutierrez and Solenn Heussaff. GMA movies or movies starring Kapuso stars have not been very successful lately in the box office, so let's see if Sarah's issue can somehow help this film.

Anyways, the premise of "Seduction" is simple - it's a love triangle involving two beautiful women fighting for the love of one man. In order for the characters to get what they want, they use the art of seduction. A 'love triangle' plot is very common in Filipino movies but according to Richard Gutierrez, they "... didn’t follow the rule of the usual love triangle movies. Direk Peque Gallaga made sure that we went our own path and added different flavors to the 'usual'. There’s no villain. The characters are well defined and the audience will be able to relate to each character." Seduction is showing in theaters and cinemas nationwide starting January 30 2013.


Seduction Full Trailer:


The story revolves around Ram who saved Sophia's life from a hotel fire. As a way of seducing the fireman, Sophia hires him as her bodyguard. Ram, however, is drawn to another woman, Trina. Described as "conservative" and "life-giving" by Gallaga, Sarah soon falls prey to Ram's seductive ways.

Caught between the two women, Ram is left to tackle the brewing conflict that pits "fire" against "rain". The film is directed by multi-awarded director Peque Gallaga who described the film as psychological rather than physical.

  • Richard Gutierrez as Ram
  • Sarah Lahbati as Trina
  • Solenn Heusaff as Sophia
  • Al Tantay
  • Jay Manalo
  • Jon Orlando
  • Mark Gil
  • Yayo Aguila
  • Jon Orlando

Seduction is directed by the acclaimed filmmaker, Peque Gallaga.


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