'Juan dela Cruz' February 6 2013

Written By Sally Miles on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 10:45 AM

In Juan dela Cruz February 6 2013 Juan meets Rosario in the woods. She has run away from home when she learned that she is only adopted. Juan did not like to go home for fear that Father Cito will get angry at him because of what happened at school when he fought with other boys. The two easily get along well, especially when Juan confides that other people always see him as a bad boy and Rosario says she believes he is good. When Rosario starts getting scared, thinking that there might be "aswangs" Juan tries to make her feel safe. He even advices her to go back home and assures her that her adoptive parents love her. But Rosario is startled by some noise and she runs fast. Good thing is she reaches the road, and there, a car approaches, and the driver turns out to be her father who has been looking for her. She goes home with him and Juan also goes his way home. In front of the church, he sees Father Cito reprimanding old ladies who were telling bad things about Juan. He defends him saying that everyone is born to be good and they should not judge a child like Juan if they themselves also commit mistakes.

The next day, Father Cito's younger sister, Belen comes to visit and insists on inviting him and Juan to go with her to Manila. Later, she admits that the reason why she is there is because her prophetic gift tells her that something bad will happen to Father Cito. He doesn't believe in fortunetelling, but because of Juan, he eventually agrees to bring him so he can see the city. He begs to take the last trip because he still has a scheduled confession. Unfortunately, it is during the confession that a man declares a holdup.

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JUAN DELA CRUZ stars Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Arron Villaflor, Albert Martinez and Zsazsa Padilla. It airs weeknights on Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida at 7:30 PM.

You may watch the full video replay of JUAN DELA CRUZ February 6 2013 online at the following sites:
  • Iwantv (Philippine residents) - click HERE. (You will have to login or register first at iwantv.com.ph before you will be able to watch the video.)
  • TFC.tv (Viewers abroad) - click HERE. (You will have to login or subscribe first at tfc.tv before you will be able to watch the full video, whenever the latest episode is already available.)
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