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Aiai's Chevy Camaro Car Gift To Jed Now Back In Her Garage

Written By Nikki Mendz on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 | 7:15 AM

Sancho, the son of Aiai De Las Alas, tells a Twitter follower that they have retrieved the luxury car, reportedly, a Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee edition, which his mom had given her now ex-husband, Jed Salang, as a gift. To quote, he tweeted, "nabawi naman po talaga yung car…" The car has been one of the main issues in last Sunday's interview of Aiai on The Buzz. Basing on her statements, it seems that her decision to leave Jed was triggered by her realization that even just after she gave this very expensive gift, he still had the guts to abuse her physically and treat her that way.

Photo courtesy of Youtube (screengrab, The Buzz 05.19.2013)
Sources said that it was Jed's father who properly returned the car to Aiai, after she requested for it to be given back to her. Aside from the car, it also looks like money and material things are the biggest problems in their relationship. Aiai learned that when she recently bought her Porsche car, Jed even earned a commission which amounted to P150,000.00. Reports also have it that Jed receives a huge monthly allowance from Aiai. She also mentioned during her tell-all interview that he has been gambling in the casino.

It is just right that everyone sympathizes with the comedy queen, because she needs it now, with all the support from her friends and fans. But if there's one thing that I am pleased about, it is when she was very thankful to the Lord that she was able to get out of that miserable situation. Yes, it is very painful now, but soon, there will be healing, and that has already started when God gave her the courage to move on.

Video of Aiai's Interview on The Buzz with Boy Abunda

Youtube Video courtesy of AbsCbnOnline


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