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'Be Careful With My Heart' June 17 2013 | Break-Up?

Written By Nikki Mendz on Sunday, June 16, 2013 | 8:20 AM

Be Careful With My Heart June 17 2013 and succeeding episodes this week are not going to be good news to all you guys who have been following the teleserye and the love story of Maya and Sir Chief. It seems Maya is really affected by Nikki's reactions.

The big change in her treatment towards Maya is very obvious. Even just for the sake of her dad, she wouldn't make an effort to at least hide her antagonism. Luke is somehow nicer by trying his best to be courteous. As if unable to bear being together with Maya and her dad, Nikki excuses herself. Later, Abby overhears her talking to Luke. Poor girl, she learns that her Ate Nikki doesn't like her beloved Ate Maya for their dad.

Maya becomes emotional as she tells Sir Chief that she was not expecting the situation to be so difficult. Her old fears about the kids resurface and she does not like Sir Chief to waste everything their family had gone through just because of her. She explains that she wouldn't want them to go back to the way they were before - unhappy and not in good terms with each other. Sir Chief then asks, in a very sad tone, "... are you breaking up with me?"

Be Careful With My Heart June 17 2013
Screengrab: Be Careful With My Heart 06-17-2013, youtube, courtesy of BeCarefulHeartTVshow

If she is, for now, Maya has a point. The kids, specifically, Nikki, should realize what Maya has done to his dad, and to their family in general. This should remind Nikki how Maya had turned their life around and how her dad was able to overcome his long bout with grief because of her. If she can see how Sir Chief returns to his old grouchy self before Maya came once he loses her, maybe, she would come to her senses and learn to accept Maya with open arms.

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Watch the June 17 preview:

Be Careful With My Heart stars Jodi Sta Maria, Richard Yap, Aiza Seguerra, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Marlo Mortel, Claire Ruiz and Tom Rodriguez. It airs weekdays on Abs-Cbn's Primetanghali starting at 11:45 AM, and on Saturdays at 10:30 AM for the rewind.

You may watch the full video of Be Careful With My Heart June 17 2013 online at the following sites as soon as the video replay becomes available:
  • Iwantv (Philippine residents) - You will have to login or register first at iwantv.com.ph before you will be able to watch the video.
  • TFC.tv (Viewers abroad) - You will have to login or subscribe first at tfc.tv before you will be able to watch the full video, whenever the latest episode is already available.

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