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"Be Careful With My Heart" July 2 2013 | Nikki Confides To Maya

Written By Nikki Mendz on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | 10:13 AM

Be Careful With My Heart July 2 2013

Be Careful With My Heart July 2 2013 episode summary will be available after the show, so do check back and have a great day!

UPDATE: Nikki's problem with Niccolo and Aira is not over. In fact, it is just starting to get worse. Niccolo asks Aira to go to the bookstore and when there, Aira finds out that Nikki is also there. When she gets the chance to talk to her, she frankly tells her to back off from Niccolo because she will be his girlfriend soon. Nikki is stunned that she just had to excuse herself from the group and tells Luke that she wants to go home. In her room, she realizes that all the mean things that Aira has been posting on Facebook were actually for her. She feels more depressed.

Earlier, Sir Chief decides that he and Maya should just eat dinner at the mansion. They both notice that Nikki seems to have a problem. After dinner, Maya bids goodbye to the kids. She has second thoughts on knocking on Nikki's room because she might still be having a bad mood. Just as she turns her back, Nikki calls her. She makes it clear to Maya that it's not about her and her relationship with Sir Chief. After much hesitation, Nikki opens up to her Ate Maya about her problem with Niccolo, just like the old times. Maya's words of wisdom work because they have made Nikki feel much better. This is such a great twist in favor of Maya! Maya's advice might even make Nikki realize her true feelings for Niccolo, and Niccolo might later realize that it's really Nikki who has his heart and not Aira.

Acknowledgement: Photos courtesy of BeCarefulHeartTVshow Youtube (Screengrab: Be Careful With My Heart 07-02-2013)

Be Careful With My Heart stars Jodi Sta Maria, Richard Yap, Aiza Seguerra, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia and Marlo Mortel. It airs weekdays on Abs-Cbn's Primetanghali starting at 11:45 AM, and on Saturdays at 10:30 AM for the rewind. You may watch the full video of Be Careful With My Heart July 2 2013 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad).

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