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Chito Miranda & Kaye Abad Sex Video Exists?

Written By Nikki Mendz on Saturday, August 17, 2013 | 8:17 AM

Kaye Abad-Chito Miranda Sex Video

A Kaye Abad-Chito Miranda sex video ... does it exist? This is the question that a lot of people have in mind after Chito's video with current girlfriend Neri Naig became viral. Kaye and Chito's relationship lasted for 7 years, and in that long span of time, there could be a big possibility that they, too, had their own sex video. If ever there was, the scandal could be a lot bigger than that of Chito and Neri because Kaye is a lot more popular than the former.

So, during the recent pictorial and thanksgiving merienda of Annaliza, the soap opera where Kaye is part of the cast, last August 15 at the ELJ Communications Center inside the ABS-CBN Compound in Quezon City, the reporters present couldn't resist asking the main antagonist of the series that lingering question:

"... aware ka ba sa usap-usapan ng iba na baka si Kaye ... kasi sabi nga daw, hard drive ang nakuha ... so ano ang assurance mo sa mga fans mo na okay ka?"

Her answer: "Okay ako ... confident ako."

And the reporter continues: "Kaye, diretsuhin ko na ... okay ka, walang video?" Kaye shakes her head.

Reporter: "... walang sex video?"

Kaye: (blinks her eyes and nods lightly)

Another reporter: "So, wala kang ikakatakot .. katatakutan?"

Kaye: ... wala!

Here's a video of that conversation courtesy of Wowamazing007's Youtube. What do you think? Is she confident enough? Photo above is also courtesy of Wowamazing007's Youtube (screengrab).


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