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Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz Sex Video Scandal Exists?

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, September 20, 2013 | 8:23 AM

A Sex Video of Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz? Is this the new video scandal that's waiting to erupt and is about to rock the online world anew? Rumors have it that ex-sweethearts Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz have a sex video and that it is just a matter of time before it is uploaded to the internet. If this is true, then, for sure, it will become viral in no time, just like what happened to two previous celebrity scandals - those of "Chito Miranda & Neri Naig" and "Wally Bayola & Yosh Rivera."

Rayver and Cristine's sex video, if ever it exists, would most definitely surpass the popularity of the two previous videos we have mentioned, given that they are a lot more well-known and visible in showbiz, with high-profile projects to their names.

Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz
Photo courtesy of gossipactors.blogspot.com

But, of course, this rumor is very doubtful. As Alex Brosas (of Bandera) said, it is possible that someone just likes to destroy the relationship of Cristine and her new boyfriend, Derek Ramsay. Ex-couples Cristine and Rayver may not yet be aware of the rumor, but when they do find out about it, they might just laugh at it. It is, actually, funny that the sex video comes out after a long time that they have already parted ways.

Cristine is not really someone whom everybody likes and it would be easy for some "not so friendly" individuals or enemies she might have collected along the way, to spread nasty rumors about her.

Let's hope it's not true at all. Don't you think we have had enough of these scandals during the past few months? To Cristine and Rayver, as long as your conscience is clear and you're both sure that there is really no sex video that exists, then, just go on with your life and stand tall.

Video clip from Rated K featuring Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz (courtesy of TheAbsCbnNews Youtube)


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  1. kala ko bata pa kayo bakit may Derek ka na?



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