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Juan dela Cruz FINAL Episode October 25 2013 : Fearless Predictions

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, October 25, 2013 | 8:54 PM

I'll attempt to predict what's going to happen at the finale of Juan dela Cruz. If my sources are correct, this hit teleserye, which is undefeated at Number 1 on the TV Ratings, for the longest time, will reach its final conclusion on October of this year. If they're wrong and the final episode goes farther than October, then that's great news, right?

UPDATE: Juan dela Cruz Final Episode airs on October 25 2013!

Here's a video of the FINAL BATTLE between Juan and the Anak Ng Dilim, plus the final scenes (updated):

Note: I started writing this post, probably a month ago, and have been updating it every so often. Please don't be confused about my predictions and what actually happened during the course of the show.

To be honest, since, there's still a long way to go, and still a lot of things that are going to happen in the series, I will just be making a wild guess. Although I could just sit back, enjoy, and await the inevitable "last night" of our favorite action-fantaserye, the writer in me is itching to share a part of my imaginative thoughts with you, who, like me, have grown to love our Pinoy superhero, Juan dela Cruz (Coco Martin).

So, here it goes ...

Warning: If my predictions match the writers' ideas, then the following might contain spoilers that could reveal the ending of Juan dela Cruz.
Juan dela Cruz
Source: TFC.tv
  • The long running war between the aswangs and humans will finally end.
      Update: On the October 21 episode, Juan was able to make the "white light" appear by piercing the sword of the metal cross on the ground. This burned and killed all the "aswangs" including Peru-ha. Juan also felt that the "anak ng dilim" inside him is gone. However, on the October 23 episode, we saw that Peru-ha is not entirely killed. She survived, but now takes a much older and weaker form. She used her remaining strength to resurrect the "anak ng dilim" to use him for revenge against Juan.
  • Juan, the Tagabantay, will be able to win against his alter ego, the Anak ng Dilim. His victory will be Peru-ha's (Diana Zubiri) downfall.
    • Upon orders of Peru-ha, the Anak Ng Dilim kidnapped Rosario. He was able to transform himself to look like Juan, so he tricked Lola Belen, Lolo Jules and Rosario to think that he was Juan. He later challenged Juan to an ultimate fight. Rosario almost escaped, along with 2 other hostages, but was caught by the Anak Ng Dilim, who punished her using his super powers.
    • Juan accepted the challenge in order to save Rosario. At the appointed time and place of the duel, Rosario hung from a tall pole, tied by a rope. Juan's strength was too inferior to that of the Anak Ng Dilim and he fell, badly beaten up. The Anak Ng Dilim picked up the unconscious, almost dead Juan and threw him to the sea.
    • Lolo Jules attempted to fight the Anak Ng Dilim with the steel cross, but he was no match to the deadly beast. While Rosario's rope almost broke, Juan remained under the water. In his subconscious, the spirits of Agustin, Pepe and Father Cito appeared, encouraging him and giving him renewed moral strength.
    • As Rosario's rope snapped, she started to fall and everyone panicked. Miraculously, and magically, Juan woke up, magnetted the steel cross and got out of the water in time to catch Rosario. Although she was saved from falling to the ground, she remained unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital. She almost died. But she didn't. She assured Juan she will never leave him.
  • Once Peru-ha is defeated, the curse on the aswangs will be removed, and they, including Samuel Alejandro (Albert Martinez), will become ordinary humans. When this happens, he can reunite with Juan and fulfill his role as a father to him. This is actually the one I am more concerned about, and the one that triggered me to write this post. It is my vision that father and son will ultimately be together, and it can only happen if Samuel is no longer an aswang.
      Update: Samuel was killed by Peru-ha on the October 3 episode. This really made me sad. Now, there will be no happy ending for father and son.
  • Prinsesa Mirathea (Shaina Magdayao) will learn to love Bagno (Martin del Rosario) and the two will be wedded.
  • After the war, everything will return to normal. Juan and Rosario (Erich Gonzales) will be back with each other as sweethearts and they will eventually get married.
      Update: Juan and Rosario got married ... and lived happily ever after!
  • What happens to Kael (Aaron Villaflor) and Laura (Zsa Zsa Padilla)? Hmm ... This is a tough one. I was unable to continue writing because I got stuck with this. I was thinking of two options - two kinds of ending for these two characters.
    • 1st option: Since Kael is full of hatred and jealousy over Juan, he can no longer redeem himself and would cause his own death. Because of Laura's love for his only son, she cannot cope with this and will do everything to avenge his death, only to fail, and also get herself killed.
    • 2nd option: Since the curse on them had also been removed, they will learn to live as humans and eventually accept Juan as part of their family.
    Which ending do you prefer for the main antagonists? I have presented two because I, myself couldn't decide how to end their characters - to be redeemed or to be doomed?
      Update: Half of this prediction has come true. Kael has died when he was defeated by Juan in their last fight.
      Update: Laura, the Manananggal, was killed by Juan on the October 7 episode.
  • After Juan has saved the world, Agustin will learn to admire, respect and accept Juan. There can also be an incident where Juan will directly save Agustin's life and he will be forever grateful to Juan.
    • Update: It's a miss for me on this one. Agustin was killed by the Haring Aswang and Juan was not able to save him, but before he died he asked Lolo Jules to forgive him, and to tell Juan to forgive him as well.
However the details from the actual finale differ from what I have written here, I am sure the one thing that's going to be the same is the victory of Juan ... the triumph of good over evil! His victory also symbolizes that we can carve our own destiny. We have the power to choose the right rather than the wrong, the good rather than the bad and to be the hero rather than to be the villain.


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