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Abs-Cbn's Maria Mercedes Pilot Episode October 7 2013 (Video)

Written By Nikki Mendz on Monday, October 7, 2013 | 9:09 AM

Maria Mercedes, the Philippine TV series produced by Abs-Cbn, premieres today, October 7 2013 on Primetime Bida, replacing Muling Buksan ang Puso. It is a remake of the 1992 Mexican telenovela, Maria Mercedes, produced by Televisa, starring ThalĂ­a and Arturo Peniche. The Philippine version stars Jessy Mendiola (as Maria Mercedes), Jake Cuenca and Jason Abalos. It is directed by multi-awarded director Chito S. Rono.


Although the plot has similarities with the original Mexicanovela, much of it has been tailored to Philippine culture. The major difference between the original and the Philippine remake would involve the characters of Maria's parents.

The Mexican story portrays Maria's mother as an ambitious person who abandoned her family, while the Philippine remake's Magnolia Alegre (played by Vina Morales) is only forced to be with another man to earn money and save the life of her child. Unfortunately, young Maria witnesses her in a compromising situation. His father soon learns about it and kicks Magnolia out of their house. They soon leave for Manila to start a new life without Magnolia. So, unlike the original version, it is Maria's family who abandons the mother.

Another big difference would be the character of Maria's father, who, in the original version is a drunkard and an irresponsible father. In the Philippine version, Manuel Alegre (Dominic Ochoa) is an ideal father, but would pass away soon, while his children are still young. This would force Maria Mercedes, who is the eldest child, to be responsible for raising her siblings, even when she herself is still very young.

Time passes by and Maria Mercedes learns her way in the metro. She is able to provide for her siblings Rosario (Devon Seron) and Andres (Yogo Singh) by getting several odd but decent jobs with the help of her childhood friend Clavio (Jason Abalos).

Her world will take a different turn once she meets the handsome and rich businessman Luis Sancuevas (Jake Cuenca). How will she deal with this strange feeling that Luis is making in her heart? What will she do about Clavio who now treats her more than a friend? How can she refuse the good life that Santiago Sancuevas (Ariel Rivera) is offering to give her and her siblings?

1st 3 Episodes & Full Trailer

Cast & Characters

Main Cast
Jessy Mendiola as Maria Mercedes Alegre
Jake Cuenca as Luis Sancuevas
Jason Abalos as Clavio Mondejar
Nikki Gil as Misty Delaver
Vina Morales as Magnolia Alegre
Vivian Velez as Malvina Sancuevas
Ariel Rivera as Santiago Sancuevas
Nadia Montenegro as Filomena Mondejar
Atoy Co as Oscar Mondejar
Devon Seron as Rosario Alegre
Isabella de Leon as Digna Sancuevas
Yogo Singh as Andres Alegre

Supporting Cast
Alex Castro as Anthony Figueras
Erika Padilla
Marx Topacio as Guillermo

Special Participation
Dominic Ochoa as Manuel Alegre
Alexa Ilacad as young Mercedes
Belle Mariano as young Rosario
John Manalo as young Guillermo


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