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Phoemela Baranda's Surprising Revelation About Her Daughter on Buzz Ng Bayan (VIDEO)

Written By Nikki Mendz on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | 7:43 AM

Kapamilya TV host and one of the country's top models Phoemela Baranda announced on Buzz Ng Bayan that she has a 14-year-old (turning 15) daughter named KIM. This came as a surprise to everyone because no one knew that she has ever had a child, not even her relatives.

Phoem, as she is called by people close to her, got pregnant when she was only 18 years old and already modelling. Her late mother was the one who decided to keep her pregnancy a secret, for the sake of her career. They flew to the United States when she was on her fourth month, where she gave birth to Kim, telling everyone that they were only there for vacation.

Screen grab, Buzz Ng Bayan courtesy of TheAbsCbnNews Youtube
Phoem and her mother used to introduce Kim as Phoem's niece, the daughter of her half-brother. So, as a young girl, Kim knew Phoem as her aunt, but later, as she grew older, like around 9 years old, they told her that Phoem was her older sister.

Phoem regretfully admitted that her lifestyle, as a single woman did not change, meaning, she did not take any responsibilities as a mother, or even a sister to Kim. The passing away of her mother in 2009 became a turning point for Phoem as she was left with all the responsibilities that her mother used to do, like taking care of Kim.

She decided to talk to Kim, along with one of her brothers, and told her the truth. Phoem is blessed to have a daughter who is mature and open enough to understand why she had to lie and deny her. She is blessed because now, Kim is giving her a chance to catch up for lost time and a chance to be a mother to her.

Phoem made this big revelation on national television as one of her ways of making it up to Kim. She likes Kim to know that she is proud of her and publicly acknowledges her as her daughter.

Kim's message to her mom: "I appreciate all the things you're doing for me and all the catching up you're making and I'm sorry if sometimes I could be a little rebel and I love you."

Watch Buzz ng Bayan hosts Boy Abunda, Janice de Belen and Carmina Villaroel with Phoemela Baranda and daughter Kim:

Phoemela Barranda with Boy Abunda on Bandila's Ikaw Na:


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