"GOT TO BELIEVE" January 14 2014

Written By Nikki Mendz on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 | 9:05 PM

GOT TO BELIEVE JANUARY 14 2014 gives Chichay's answer to Joaquin's marriage proposal ... and it's one crispy slap on his cheek. After explaining to Chichay that he needs a wife to be with him during the operation, Chichay gets upset because she can't bear to see him suffer and die. Instead, she tells him to look for someone else to marry ... someone who won't care with whatever happens to him. Mama Bear talks to Joaquin to make him understand why Chichay reacted that way. She also assures him that no one in the Tampipi family will blame him for Papa Bear's fate, because all of them are victims of the situation. Of course later, Joaquin needs to woo Chichay.

A new twist also comes out on Got To Believe January 14 2014 when Jaime, who has always sided with Joaquin, now seems to go against what he is doing, that is, to still stay with the Tampipis, despite what Papa Bear is being accused of. For now, he believes Chito is the culprit and should be punished. He is not aware of the possibility that it could be Julianna. By the way, she has been informed by Joaquin's doctor of his intent to have the bullet removed from his head. She should be nervous because she is actually more guilty than Papa Bear. But, should Joaquin really go through with it? I hope not, if his life will only be in danger.

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GOT TO BELIEVE stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Manilyn Reynes, Ian Veneracion, Benjie Paras and Carmina Villaroel. It airs weeknights on Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida starting at 8:30 PM.

Got To Believe
Photo courtesy of AbsCbnOnline Youtube & iwantv (Screengrab: Got To Believe 01-14-2014)

You may watch the full video of Got To Believe January 14 2014 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad)

Here are the Got To Believe January 14 2014 preview & highlights:


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