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Video: VHONG NAVARRO Accused of Attempted Rape!

Written By Nikki Mendz on Sunday, January 26, 2014 | 3:51 AM

While sympathy pours in for Vhong Navarro, GMA News surprises us with a scandal-type story that immediately transforms him from a hapless victim into a criminal, specifically a rapist. Can you believe this? Well, GMA's report does have a basis - a police blotter filed at the Southern Police District in Bonifacio Global City. It was even signed by Ferdinand Navarro (Vhong's real name). But then, instead of giving light to the motive behind the mauling incident, this new angle produces more baffling questions.

The complaint was filed by a 22-year old student, who the police refused to identify, due to the sensitivity of the case. The said student is accusing Vhong of attempted rape!

Photo of Vhong Navarro taken a few days before the mauling incident
Photo courtesy: Vhong Navarro's Instagram
Here are videos of GMA's reports on the "attempted rape" complaint against Vhong Navarro:

Here are some excerpts from the blotter:
  • According to the complainant ... as of about 10:30 PM, this date, while she was alone inside her residence located at the given address, when Ferdinand H. Navarro arrived ...
  • However, while inside (Navarro) suddenly hold the hands and pulled the hair of the complainant, forcing her to lay down on the chair...
  • At that instance, sensing the evil motive of the suspect, the complainant fight back and was able to run to her room...
  • (Navarro) followed her and forced her again to lay on the bed and pulled down the victim's short pants ...
  • The complainant cries begging to the suspect to stop while Navarro was on top of her sometimes hurting the victim ...
  • At that instance, complainant's friend ... and ... arrived at the house of the victim and caught in the act what the suspect was doing and arrested the suspect through citizen's arrest and brought to this office with injuries sustained at his face ...
  • The victim verbally manifests that she is no longer interested to pursue criminal charges against suspect Navarro.

GMA News tried to get the reaction of Vhong Navarro's manager, Chito Rono, and this was his reply (through a text message): "But the reason for his mauling is extortion. As stated yesterday, upon entering the room, the perpetrators immediately held him at gunpoint. Then he was blindfolded, hogtied and mauled."

In an email sent to Yahoo OMG Philippines, Chito Rono said that it will take time before Vhong recovers. He also related that Vhong was not able to give any money when the men tried to extort some cash from him. He continues to receive threats via text messages.

On the other hand, PEP.ph got this reply from Director Rono: "That is the missing blotter that suddenly surfaced. It was not found in any precinct in Taguig yesterday ... The police chief was reported to have denied it existed. We are as keen as you are as how GMA got it." (What could he mean by "missing blotter"?) However, Dir. Rono did not comment on the report that the police blotter has Vhong's signature on it. He refused to give any more details about this.

A document from the Megaforce Security Agency confirmed that the owner of the condominium unit has advised their guards on the arrival of her guests, including Vhong.

Here is what the said document contains:

It is an unfortunate incident that befell on actor and TV host Vhong Navarro, yesterday, January 22 2014 in one of the condominiums in Bonifacio Global City.

It is confirmed that the unit owner has advised our assigned guards of her arriving guests, including Navarro, to allow them up into her unit. Thus, after due verification of the guests' identities, our guards allowed them to enter the premises.

Furthermore, we will continue to conduct an investigation on the matter and will cooperate with the authorities for their own investigation.
Megaforce Security Agency

Some points which make this incident very puzzling:
  1. The woman was expecting Vhong at the condo unit and the guards have been advised that he would be arriving. The other guests, who supposedly "saved" the woman from the rape attempt were also expected by the woman beforehand, since the guards were also advised of their arrival. If it is true that Vhong was attempting rape, the woman could have just scared him off by telling him that guests would be arriving anytime. For sure, Vhong would immediately stop, and the rest of the story, such as the woman fighting back, running away to her room and so on, wouldn't have transpired. This looks more like a set-up.
  2. There seems to be a lot of missing details in the way the rape attempt was described by the complainant. For one, the conversation which led to the "attempted rape" was not even mentioned. Vhong or the woman must have said something during the duration of the incident but nothing of the sort appeared on the complaint. If her story was real, then her narration should have contained more details, in the way that any person would recall something that really happened.
  3. The blotter states that, "the victim verbally manifests that she is no longer interested to pursue criminal charges against suspect Navarro." Why? If a woman has been violated, then why won't she be interested in pursuing charges against the violator?
  4. Reports said that Vhong was badly beaten up. If so, how was he still able to sign the blotter at the police station?
  5. Why did Vhong's attackers let him go? Weren't they afraid that they will get arrested once Vhong tells the police about what they did?
It is hard to make a conclusion based on everything that has been reported so far. But honestly, all I can say is that as of this moment, I do not like to believe the "attempted rape" complaint. For now, I would just like to pray for Vhong's speedy recovery and for justice to be served. I am optimistic that in the coming days, the truth will come out.


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