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"BUZZ NG BAYAN" February 2 2014 Updates on Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo & Cedric Lee

Written By Nikki Mendz on Sunday, February 2, 2014 | 4:26 PM

BUZZ NG BAYAN February 2 2014 searches for the truth on the mauling of Vhong Navarro involving Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz, Bernice Lee, Ferdinand Guerrero, JP Calma and Jed Hernandez (alias Mike). This Buzz ng Bayan Special Report aims to discuss updates on the case, presenting different angles and personalities involved. Buzz ng Bayan's Boy Abunda also interviews Rodrigo "Rod" Cornejo, the GMA executive who is Deniece Cornejo's granduncle, who says that whether Deniece is right or wrong, he has to stand by her because she is his relative. When asked by Boy if he believes that Vhong raped Deniece, Rod says Vhong attempted to rape her, and he believes her - "Either I believe her or not, and I CHOSE to believe her."

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Buzz Ng Bayan also presents more information on Cedric Lee, bringing out old connections such as Patricia Javier, who had an illicit affair with Cedric when he was already married that time. Another starlet named Angela Velez was also rumored to have had a relationship with Cedric. A friend of Cedric's wife Judy, said that his associations with different women had been one of Judy's biggest problems in their marriage. Sometime later, Cedric got involved with the mauling of David Buenevacz (click here to read his official statement regarding the incident). He also became controversial when he became the boyfriend of Vina Morales and later, the father of her daughter.

Buzz Ng Bayan
Photo courtesy of AbsCbnOnline Youtube & iwantv (Screengrab: Buzz Ng Bayan 02-02-2014)

Boy Abunda also traces Vhong's activities during the day of the incident, January 22, starting from a basketball game, then at the restaurant (Tapeo) where he and his friends ate and where he bought food for Deniece, to the time when he went to Deniece's condo unit at Forbeswood Heights Condominium in Taguig City and then, to the Southern Police District (SPD) where the blotter was filed by Deniece, accusing him of attempted rape. Boy interviewed people who interacted with Vhong during that day, including the restaurant staff and police from the SPD.

Buzz Ng Bayan also gets the opinions and analysis of a psychologist (Dr. Maricar Fajardo), with regards to the body movements, facial expressions and reactions of Vhong, Deniece and Cedric, as she sees them from the CCTV footage and interviews on TV. (Click here for Dr. Fajardo's interpretations from the point of view of psychologist.)

BUZZ NG BAYAN, hosted by Boy Abunda, Carmina Villaroel and Janice de Belen, airs every Sunday at 4:00pm after Luv U. You may watch the full video of BUZZ NG BAYAN February 2 2014 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad). Interview quotes are courtesy of Abs-Cbn News Channel Twitter.

Here are excerpts from Buzz Ng Bayan February 2 2014:

David Bunevacz' official statement regarding the Vhong Navarro incident:

“I have heard of what happened to Vhong and Cedric and it greatly saddens me. It painfully brought back memories of our own tragic experience almost seven years ago. Like Vhong, I was wrongfully accused, held against my will, physically violated, terrorized and death-threatened. It was in 2007 when we decided to leave the country for fear of our lives and the lives of our children. It was as if the rug was pulled from under our feet in an instant.

Today, the physical pain and emotional burden have since then healed, and by the grace of God, we have found peace away from them all. The one good thing that came out of that terrible chapter is us discovering the Lord and His awesome grace. We know now that God is the only power that can heal the deepest wounds. Happiness has found us again because we chose to forgive the way the Lord has also forgiven us. We have lifted everything up to the Lord for He is sovereign.

What happened to Vhong is not the first time such a crime had been committed. It is clear that evil deeds are being exposed. I pray that this will be the last time that it will happen. We continue to pray that one day, the truth about the accusations publicly hurled against us will be known and we will finally get our justice.”

Psychologist, Dr. Maricar Fajardo's interpretations of Vhong Navarro's, Deniece Cornejo's and Cedric Lee's gestures: (source: push.abs-cbn.com)

During Vhong’s tell-all interview wherein he tearfully revealed that he’s fearing for his and his loved ones lives, the psychologist surmised that the incident was “napaka-fresh ng experience niya and very traumatic at nararamdaman niya talaga kung gaano kabigat talaga ‘yung nangyari sakanya.”

According to Vhong, Cedric’s camp extorted money from him for the “damage” that he has inflicted on Deniece.
“Makikita natin ‘yung mata niya habang nagsasalita siya nag-ga-gaze from left to right and many times humarap sa right ‘yung mata niya. It’s a body language that shows that he’s trying to recall the events that had happened to him,” she began.

According to Dr. Fajardo, “When you’re looking at the right up ibig sabihin nu’n you’re recalling events that have happened in the past. If you’re looking at the left upper, it means you’re constructing a story. Gumagawa ka or nagke-create ka ng kwento sa isip mo. Hindi ‘yun nangyari in the past.”

This week, Cedric and Deniece likewise gave their own accounts of what happened via interviews and one of the latter’s most powerful claims is one that: “Kung meron mang inosente at biktima dito walang ng iba kundi ako.”
To this Dr. Fajardo noticed the odd raising of her left eyebrow which she says “conveys dishonesty” because “Hindi parating kaya ng isang tao na magtaas ng isa lang ng hindi sabay.”

She also noted the way how slow Deniece’s talks, “Nagpo-pause siya at hindi tuloy tuloy, so ang ibig sabihin nu’n based on previous studies of language and speech, pinagiisipan niya kung ano ‘yung sasabihin niya.”

Cedric for his, according to the body language interpreter, displayed “tension” during his interview.

“If you notice ‘yung body posture niya, ‘yung body niya is leaning to one side, it signifies tension. He’s very tensed. He’s not confident about what he’s saying. When it comes to the manner of speaking, he’s very continuous. Although mapapansin mong titingin siya doon sa ibang tao na nasa loob ng kwarto as if to ask for confirmation,” said she.

Meanwhile, as for the CCTV footages, there have been many scenes where Deniece appeared but she singled out the one which showed the 22-year-old model after she was supposedly raped by Vhong and while inside the elevator.

“She seemed to giggle, she was fixing herself a little bit that shows a sign of confidence as well. Now about the putting of the hands in the mouth, it’s almost as if she was trying to conceal something. Parang something excited her,” she said.

As for Cedric, whose scene on the elevator showed him flexing his knuckles, she said made him appear “very confident.”
“He was walking upright. It was a very self-confident stance. But ‘yung body language niya, he’s very fidgety and he was flexing his knuckles as if parang naghahanda siya,” she added.

When it came to the scene wherein Vhong was brought inside the elevator with around 6 men, Cedric as well as Deniece, Fajardo noted that the latter rather appeared “gloomy.”

She explained, “If you noticed she entered the elevator not facing that way, pumasok siya paatras. It’s as if she doesn’t want to see Vhong or the people inside the elevator. She’s probably trying to distract the reality of what happened. Parang gloomy siya eh, nakatingin siya sa baba. Parang nag-iisip siya na parang confused.”


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