"GOT TO BELIEVE" February 10 2014 War?

Written By Nikki Mendz on Monday, February 10, 2014 | 9:24 PM

GOT TO BELIEVE FEBRUARY 10 2014 might just end up in "war". Alex and Ryan are excited to introduce Cristina to Julianna and Jaime. Alex tells them that she and Ryan met one of the artists in Singapore and confesses that she is a big fan of hers. Julianna is surprised that the artist they are talking about is a female.


Ryan had advised Cristina, beforehand, about his parents. Although fearful of what could possibly happen, Chichay gathers enough courage to face them once again. The one thing that she keeps in mind is that she is not doing anything wrong. While the time of their meeting draws near, the more Ethel and Tarantina experience a state of panic. Can't they really do anything about it?

Got To Believe
Photo courtesy of AbsCbnOnline Youtube & iwantv (Screengrab: Got To Believe 02-10-2014)

We can't afford to miss this episode! I can't wait to see Julianna's reaction. I imagine she will pretend not to recognize Chichay, for the sake of Joaquin. If ever she reacts otherwise, then she might bring up the past, which is the least that she wants to do. But as soon as she has Chichay all to herself, Julianna will surely threaten her again, just like before.

Anyways, Chichay is about to go to Joaquin's unit to meet Julianna and Jaime. At the same time, the group of Didith, Kit, Lindsay, Amanda, Miley and even Dominic are forcing their way to enter Joaquin's project site, but the guards have stopped them. Determined to see Joaquin, they run as fast as they could, past the guards, who try to chase them. Since they are faster, the guards alert Julianna about the problem. This has somehow distracted her and Jaime. They go out to talk to the kids, while Tarantina instructs Ethel to stop Chichay from proceeding.

Ethel begs her not to go through to save her and Tarantina from losing their jobs. So, Chichay goes back to the site. Julianna and Jaime talk to Kit while the others are stopped by the guards. They explain to him that Joaquin has lost his memory and they don't want him to remember his past, especially Chichay. Joaquin and Alex follow and Kit sees them. Julianna tells Ryan that Kit was his classmate. Joaquin introduces Alex as his girlfriend and Kit, after so many questions, is finally satisfied.

The kids leave while Julianna, Jaime, Joaquin and Alex go back to the house. It seems that everything will be okay. Then Alex mentions that the artist's name is Cristina. Julianna asks what's her last name, and Joaquin says it's Tampipi. Julianna and Jaime excuse themselves, saying they'll be back. They actually go to the site to confront Chichay. But a banana-que vendor was the only one there. She asks for Cristina and the vendor says she's Cristina ... Cristina Tampipi!

Julianna doesn't believe her and continues to look around for Chichay. She is headed for a room with a small opening, but Jaime says he'll be the one to check. Chichay and Ethel are nervously hiding themselves inside. Jaime sees them! To be continued tomorrow ...

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GOT TO BELIEVE stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Manilyn Reynes, Ian Veneracion, Benjie Paras and Carmina Villaroel. It airs weeknights on Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida starting at 8:30 PM. For the most recent episode, click here.

You may watch the full video of Got To Believe February 10 2014 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad).

Here are the Got To Believe February 10 2014 preview & highlights:

Julianna and Jaime ... about to meet Cristina?

Tarantina and Ethel in a state of panic ...

Photos courtesy of AbsCbnOnline Youtube & iwantv (Screengrab: Got To Believe 02-10-2014)


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