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GOT TO BELIEVE February 14 2014 | Ryan Breaks Up With Alex

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, February 14, 2014 | 9:22 PM

GOT TO BELIEVE FEBRUARY 14 2014 makes everyone, especially Joaquin, very worried. Chichay is nowhere to be found. Last night, we saw Chichay checking on Pedro. When she was sure that he was already asleep, she left her room, but we did not see where she went. Now, it seems she has left the resort all by herself, and braved the bad weather outside. Joaquin's group, Pedro, and some employees of the resort go out into the woods to look for her. Joaquin instructs everyone not to stop searching until they find her. When the weather seems to be getting worse, it becomes too dangerous for the group to continue. But Joaquin insists on pushing through, which causes an argument between him and Alex. She should know by now that his attraction for Cristina could be more serious than mere infatuation.


Everyone has to go back to the hotel. While Ryan loses his temper for not being able to find Cristina, she suddenly appears. Ryan, overwhelmed with relief that she is okay, runs to her and embraces her. It turns out, Chichay just went out but couldn't get back right away because of the strong rain. Alex has seen that Ryan has indeed fallen in love with Cristina. She could no longer bear the pain, and she has to talk to someone - Cristina. She apologize for raising her voice on her and then pours out her hurts. She is deeply hurt that Ryan has fallen in love with her, but she can't get angry with her because she is her friend. Chichay just lets her talk, she listens and gives her a hug to comfort her. She is also crying because Alex doesn't know the greater pain and sacrifice she is going through.

Got To Believe
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Meanwhile, Ryan calls up his dad and tells him what happened. He cannot understand why he is so in love with someone whom he has only met for a few weeks, while hurting the girl who has been with him for more than two years. Jaime cannot do anything but listen, but later he tells Julianna that maybe it's time for them to tell Joaquin about his past.

Later, Joaquin gets to talk to Alex. He says sorry but Alex says she is the one who needs to apologize for not understanding him. She thinks everything will be alright since Ryan has been trying to avoid Cristina. She understands that he only got worried and what he did was only out of impulse. But Ryan thinks it best not to continue with what they have so as not to hurt her more. He breaks up with her!

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Got To Believe airs weeknights on Abs-Cbn Primetime Bida starting at 8:30 PM. You may watch the full video of Got To Believe February 13 2014 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad). For the most recent episode, click here.

Got To Believe is the story of Chichay Tampipi (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin Manansala (Daniel Padilla); the one who believes in magic, and the one who doesn't believe there is such thing as magic. Chichay and Joaquin met at a Carnival when they were still children. Chichay taught Joaquin to believe that there is magic even though his parents, Julianna San Juan (Carmina Villaroel) and Jaime Manansala (Ian Veneracion) always have arguments. Joaquin and Chichay become close friends and they believed that their friendship will last. Then came a night, when Joaquin was accidentally hit by a stray bullet on his head. Joaquin miraculously survived the incident, but the bullet still remained in his head. After the incident, Joaquin and Chichay never saw each other again. Years after, Chichay and Joaquin met again at the Carnival but they didn't recognize each other. Chichay then works as a nanny to a wealthy family, specifically, to Joaquin (source: Wikipedia.org).

Here are the Got To Believe February 14 2014 preview and highlights:

Pedro informs Papa Bear that Chichay is missing ...

We can see through Alex' eyes that she is getting hurt with the way Ryan worries about Cristina ...

Ryan even has to raise his voice on Alex just because of Cristina ...


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