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Got To Believe Final Episode Airs March 7 2014

Written By Nikki Mendz on Friday, March 7, 2014 | 3:28 PM

Got To Believe's magical journey ends on March 7 2014. The very romantic but challenging love story of Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) and Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) makes its curtain call after six months of staying on top of the ratings charts. There are very high expectations for a super explosive, feel good, final episode of Got To Believe.

Of course, we expect Joaquin and Chichay to finally be able to love each other freely, without anyone trying to put obstacles between them. A wedding? Hmm ... that would surely be a delight for the fans of Got To Believe, especially the Kathniel fans, because when there's a wedding, then there should be a wedding kiss! Come on, Got To Believe writers, what do you say?

Got To Believe
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Julianna (Carmina Villaroel) ... what kind of ending would you like for her? Let's go through some of the most common endings for a villain: [1] imprisoned because of a crime that will be discovered at the latter part of the series, [2] locked up in a mental institution (for going crazy he he) or [3] repenting and changing into a good character. Which one should it be? Let's try to psychologize the writers of Got To Believe.


Got To Believe Joaquin and Chichay's First Kiss
Photo: Courtesy of Abscbnonline and Google+ Auto Awesome

Well, she did commit a crime, and as of this writing, no one knows yet that she also fired a gun when Joaquin got shot. We (the viewers) know that the bullet removed from Joaquin's head didn't match that of Papa Bear's (Benjie Paras) gun, so it's quite safe to assume that it's from Julianna's. But I don't think she will be imprisoned, because Joaquin wouldn't let that happen. The worst that could probably happen to her is to lose the chance of getting Jaime (Ian Veneracion) back. I also don't think that she'll get crazy, so I'd vote for the third one. That would also add to a feel good Got To Believe finale .

Alex (Liza Soberano)? She'll most likely just go back to Singapore, heartbroken. But it would be nicer if we can see her being able to move on and accept that Joaquin is destined for Chichay. Another twist could be Alex and Pedro (Yves Flores) falling for each other. Absurd? Well, if it's going to be a magical ending, then anything is possible, right? How about Alex and Dominic? Oops, it's supposed to be Patricia and Dominic. Anyways, I don't like her to end up so pathetic and miserable, cause she used to be such a sweet girl. Likewise, Pedro is such a good friend (to Chichay) and he also deserves to be happy. I hope the magic also works for both of them.

Got To Believe Joaquin, Chichay and Alex

Remember Kathniel's last teleserye before Got To Believe? They were in a love triangle with Enrique Gil on Princess and I. That teleserye should have been a potential candidate for international market, like the koreanovelas and mexicanovelas that most Pinoy viewers patronize on Abs-Cbn, but it was obvious that the plot has changed in the middle of the series, to favor the love team of Kathryn and Daniel. I was hoping, then, that they (the network and writers) wouldn't destroy the ending, but rather, just make another series that would really focus on Kathniel. Got To Believe is "that" series, and I must say, this time, they are on the right track.

Got To Believe Joaquin and Chichay's sweet moments

I hope that after the airing of Got To Believe's final episode, Abs-Cbn would push for its international distribution, because its story, plot, characterization, actors' performances, setting, direction (credit goes to Cathy Garcia-Molina, Richard Arellano, and Ricky Rivero) and everything about it, deserve to be seen worldwide, and we, Filipinos can be proud of it. It is even a lot better than some of the koreanovelas that we watch here, don't you agree?

Got To Believe Best Ending Ever:


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  1. my suggestion - Juliana must let go of her anger, make peace with everyone, esp with Betsay, Chito and Jaime, accept Chichay & Joaquin. with these in mind, it will be a magical ending for ALL. Jaime may forgive her for her wrongdoings and may pursue their dreams of re-marrying again, which they had planned.





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