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MAALAALA MO KAYA March 8 2014 Abby Bautista "Seashells"

Written By Nikki Mendz on Saturday, March 8, 2014 | 11:11 AM

MAALAALA MO KAYA March 8 2014, featuring child actress Abby Bautista, presents to us a story that none of us would ever want to happen to our daughters. Tonight's episode on MMK has a very heavy and sensitive theme, dealing with child rape, that needs Strong Parental Guidance (SPG), in case children are around while you are watching.

Abby Bautista portrays the role of Jenny, whose parents (played by James Blanco and Lara Quigaman), have always been busy working. Since there was no one watching over her, seven-year-old Jenny was raped by the live-in partner of their laundrywoman. After this traumatic incident, her parents became more caring and assured her that they will always be beside her. They resigned from their respective jobs and thought it best to bring Jenny to her grandparents' place, far away from where the rape happened. They thought having trusted relatives around to take care of her will help her overcome the psychological effects of her tragic experience.

MAALAALA MO KAYA March 8 2014 Abby Bautista
Photo courtesy of Abscbnonline Youtube (screen grab: MMK Mar 8 2014 preview)

But eventually, they still needed to work. How can sometimes fate be so cruel when the people who are supposed to be trusted turn out to be the same ones who will do more harm to an innocent child like Jenny? How can a rape victim like her, who has experienced such a traumatic crime not once but several times still carry on with life? How can her parents bear the anguish of seeing their daughter torn and suffering.

It took me sometime to write about this Maalaala Mo Kaya episode, because it just seems so hurting. I can feel the child's pain, (through the effective performance of Abby Bautista) and it's hard not to condemn the negligence of her parents. We could just wish and pray that life wouldn't be so harsh so that both parents do not need to leave their children just to make sure there's enough food on the table.

The complete Maalaala Mo Kaya March 8 2014 CAST includes Abby Bautista, Pen Medina, James Blanco, Lara Quigaman, Gloria Diaz, Kathleen Hermosa, and Junjun Quintana. This MMK episode was directed by Emmanuel Q. Palo. It was written by Arah Jell Badayos, and researched by Agatha Ruadap and Michelle Joy Guerrero. Maalaala Mo Kaya's production team consists of business unit head Malou Santos, production manager Roda Dela Cerna, and executive producer Lindsay Anne Dizon.

Maalaala Mo Kaya is hosted by Charo Santos-Concio. It airs Saturday nights on Abs-Cbn at 7:45 PM. You may watch Maalaala Mo Kaya March 8 2014 online at Iwantv.com.ph (for Philippine residents) or at TFC.tv (for viewers abroad). For the most recent episode, click here.

MMK Mar 1 2014 Preview:


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  1. nakakaawa. wlang nagawa ang magulang.

  2. in the 1st Place... Parents Fault beyond neglegence.... u have wonderful industry as parents for the seek of our children but always check as to care the child..... alang hiya tlga ang lolo na yon.....



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