Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the School of Earth & Space Sciences at Peking University. Our school has a glorious history in teaching and research, it was constructed from several institutes which related fields of earth science in 2001. Geology department was established in 1909 at the Imperial University of Peking, it was the earliest Chinese geological education institutions.  As a cradle of Chinese geological education, Professor Lie Wang, Wen-jiang Ding, Si-guang Li had taught here, and it has trained more than 50 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science.

Today, all of our research and teaching involves geology, geophysics, space science, resource survey, natural disaster forecast, the earth's environment monitoring and prediction, digital earth. We are advancing knowledge and educating a new generation of students to help solve the enormous resource and environmental challenges facing the world both now and in the decades to come. Students at our school, both undergraduate and graduate, have an opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research that will enable us to be wise and responsible custodians of this benign planet.


Please explore our site to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Lifei Zhang